Bells for Peace

The following information was supplied by Langley Climate Not War for their contribution to Bells for Peace.  See also Victoria Multifaith Bells For Peace Events, and more 75th anniversary events around the world .

Langley Climate Not War has finalized local arrangements for “Bells For Peace” which is part of a world-wide remembrance campaign.   We are pleased to invite you to this short peacebuilding event on the 75th Anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima.

  • Venue: St Joseph’s Parish Parking Lot, 20676 Fraser Hwy, Langley.
  • Date: Thursday August 6, 2020 @ 08.15 am: arrive at least ten minutes prior.
  • Bring a bell or pre-set your phone to chime a bell tone: other instruments may be suitable.
  • Silence is encouraged as a mark of respect except during bell ringing for 75 seconds at 0815 am.
  • We request physical distancing 10 feet apart: wear a mask if you can: to comply with health precautions please come with your name and phone number written out, to deposit in spaced containers: contact information will not be inspected unless COVID-19 tracing is required and will be destroyed as soon as Fraser Health allows.
  • Should more than 45 participants arrive they will be asked to remain outside the parking lot with physical distancing of 20 feet around the block: it is unlikely that the number will exceed 45.
Attendees will probably not garner publicity or be witnessed by many others.  But they will be seen by the spirits of Hiroshima victims and perhaps by some survivors.
Importantly attendees will in sacrificing these minutes, be building peace and in discussing with friends and learning about the very real threat of accidental or intended nuclear warfare, can help to avoid future nuclear horrors.
We are very concerned that Canada remains a proponent of nuclear weapons. The 88 fighter jets in competition for purchase by our government are capable of being fitted with nuclear weapons.
We have 18 months to stop our government from purchasing these instruments of terror.  It is entirely possible to prevent the purchase of fighter jets and use these funds instead for peace and for the actual needs of Canadians.
Main contact for the Langley Action is Brendan Martin @
On August 9th, we have the same reasons (as above).
But people need not bring their own bells, nor phones, as we’ll be meeting at St. Dunstans, at 3025 264 St, Aldergrove, BC
This church has 2 bell towers, and I will be one of two people who will actually be ringing those bells 75 times, starting at 11:50.
This event is open to all who are interested. Contact Marilyn Konstapel @ or 778-551-1395