Lapel Poppies

We still have a few poppies.

Click here to download a Peace Poppies Order Form.   You can mail, email or phone in your request.  For educational use, please see the “Schools” tab at top right.
See below for more on  “Purchase or make your own”. 

If you are looking instead for Red Poppies please see the Canadian Legion Red Poppy Campaign website.

We started wearing handmade white poppies many years ago. For us, wearing both red and white poppies is a way of saying “Remember the fallen, including civilians, and work for peace”. We have had many meaningful conversations with strangers that started with “What’s the white poppy for?”.

This Year Wear a White Poppy…

  • – to commemorate all victims of war
  • – to mourn the environmental devastation it causes
  • – to reject war as a tool for social change
  • – to call for dialog and peaceful conflict resolution
  • – to show your commitment to building a better future

Purchase (for 2023) or make your own White Poppies


No depots currently have poppies (as far as we know)

If you want depots in your community in 2024, please approach likely businesses / organizations and encourage them to contact us for supplies and explanations.

In Quebec a sister organization Echec A La Guerre has a very successful network.

Many other communities distribute white poppies, in particular Voice of Women for Peace.

No depots currently have poppies (as far as we know)

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