Community Voices

Feedback we have received over the years from wearers of white poppies:

  • I feel that a white poppy for civilians and a red poppy for veterans to commemorate those who died during war is appropriate, and should not be considered “disrespectful” and offensive to Veterans. I think the white poppy is fitting for Remembrance Day, as the civilian casualties are as great a loss as those of the military personnel.
    – Korean War Veteran David Laskey
  • We have seen the devastation caused by war, and we know that it is not the right path for our future. We see the white poppy as a commitment to peace in the present and future, while we wear a red poppy lest we forget the great sacrifices made in times past and present. The youth of today will inherit the world of tomorrow and we hope to live in a world where there is peace without the need for violence.
    – Secondary School Student
  • I think I would choose to wear the white poppy because I think the red poppy respects the war soldiers but I think the white wants to represent peace and I think peace is important. If there is peace from the beginning, there will be no such thing as war and in the future, I want peace for eternity.
    – Shawn, age 10
  • Cartoon from Nan Gregory says it all in 4 drawings.

Click on links below to see additional quotes from Poppy Wearers:


Students at Thunderbird Elementary with mixed poppy wreaths illustrating changed proportion of civilian and combatant deaths from WW1 to now.

A Tale of Two Poppies, Quilts by Sharon and Norman Schmidt in Altona MB


“True Cost of Peace” song by Bill Hood in Vancouver of the Gram Partisans .

Song “10 civilians” by Robert Priest, Canadian poet, children’s author and singer/songwriter